Green Cleaning

green cleaning products

Donley Building Services is in the process of going “Green” for all building service contracts. Facility managers, building owners, and property managers are looking to use less energy yet still keep the benefits of traditional cleaning methods. Additionally, they want to use fewer resources and be ecologically responsible whenever possible. Donley Building Services’ “Green” cleaning principles improve air quality, remove harmful and toxic cleaning chemicals from the workplace, and reduce the wasteful expenditures of paper related products. These principles include:

Hepa filtering vacuum bags and Hepa approved vacuums – A hypoallergenic vacuum cleaner that removes particles from flooring, carpet, and furniture, as well as the air surrounding the cleaner by suction, creating an allergy-free environment.

Microfiber cleaning rags - These rags absorb three times as much water and absorb three times as much dirt, grime, and soil, decreasing the need for costly detergents.

Microfiber cleaning mops - These 18 inch flat mops absorb three times as much debris and soil from hard surfaces while using less water and chemicals. Both the microfiber mops and rags are laundered and used over 300 times, practically acting as a recycling method.

Rinse free floor strippers - Relatively new to building service contracting, rinse free floor stripping eliminates the tremendous amount of water waste associated with floor restoration. Some experts think that rinse free stripping uses four times less water than traditional methods.

Donley Building Services’ janitorial staff are the last to leave a facility at night, and they double check every light and water source to make sure energy and water is conserved and not wasted.

Donley Building Service’s currently works with clients to install “Green” paper dispensers. “Green” paper dispensers dispense only the necessary amount of paper and are motion activated.

Check back often for updates on new “Green” cleaning methods.