How To Choose A Carpet Cleaning Company

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What carpet cleaning company should I use? After filtering through endless Google searches and print ads promising you carpet cleaning for under $100.00 dollars, you are probably at your wits end on just who to let in to your house!


"$75.00 Special"

Nobody is going to clean your carpets for under $100.00! This is a ploy used by most carpet cleaners to get in your door, and sell you a ton of options. Furniture Moving? Companies can charge you upwards of $15.00 per piece of furniture to move. Scotchgarding? This essential part of carpet cleaning can cost over $10.00 a room! Pet Stains? Using normal chemicals on these areas does not do the trick! It could days to with special enzymes on these areas to get the smell and discoloration out of your carpet and pad. There is really no way any carpet cleaning company could ever know exactly how much it will cost to clean your carpets. That's why we always come out to your home and give you an exact estimate. No hidden fees or sales.

Is My Carpet Really Clean?

Carpet Cleaning seems like a fairly simple process. Spray chemical onto a carpet, let it dwell, spray neutralizer on the carpet, extract, and let dry. Easy right? This is how carpet cleaning is done all over the country. But did you know that this process can leave behind 50% of the dirt that was there before your carpet cleaning technicians did their job? Vacuuming is one of the single most important steps in cleaning your carpets. And it is a step that is sadly skipped by most carpet cleaning technicians. All carpets should be vacuumed and groomed before any liquid ever touches a fiber. If not, then soil on the floor becomes compacted and left underneath the surface. This soil then wicks back up to the surface, which is why a few weeks after your carpets are cleaned, old stains seem to re-emerge. Never let someone clean your carpets until you know for sure that the cleaning process, before introducing liquid, is adequate.